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Feedback from the community
from 149 reviews
Review photo of deskmat by xexe
xexe - 5/5
Arrived safely. Print is awesome. Low drag. Great size.
Review photo of deskmat by Eli
Eli - 5/5
I am loving it!
Review photo of deskmat by Deven
Deven - 5/5
Took a while to arrive but excellent quality. A wonderful purchase and definitely worth the wait.
Review photo of deskmat by Mario
Mario - 5/5
beautiful little design on this thing, and good quality make from what i can tell. no fraying or pigment disappearing 2 months in, i suppose
Review photo of deskmat by Grant
Grant - 5/5
Super colorful, properly sized and great art. Definitely worth the asking price!
Review photo of deskmat by Gabriel
Gabriel - 5/5
Review photo of deskmat by Shivam
Shivam - 5/5
Great mat. High quality print and the colours really pop. And great support!
Review photo of deskmat by Koohyar
Koohyar - 5/5
Awesome great material and pattern
Review photo of deskmat by Justin
Justin - 5/5
I love this thing! It looks amazing, looks and feels very high quality, and is huge! I absolutely adore the artwork, thanks for all the options to choose from.
Review photo of deskmat by Marius
Marius - 5/5
Review photo of deskmat by Samuel
Samuel - 5/5
Design and fabrication is pretty awesome! Thank you :)
Review photo of deskmat by Kishan
Kishan - 5/5
Brilliant quality easy to maintain and clean.
Review photo of deskmat by João Pedro
João Pedro - 5/5
Probably the best deskmat that I’ve ever used and I have used numerous mouse pads and deskmat. The packaging is actually pretty useful as you can reuse the bag it comes in, to store other stuff or even a bunch of socks LOL. Lastly, it just fits my setup so damn good.
Review photo of deskmat by Amelia (Ayuko)
Amelia (Ayuko) - 4/5
It feels amazing, color accuracy isn't perfect obviously but it's decent. What I noticed in my design is that on very small "dots" there's pretty much no color (the dots in the uploaded design had clearly visible and strong color) and 2 shades of gray on the logo look identical. Materials quality-wise it's perfect :)
Review photo of deskmat by vale
vale - 4/5
I am very happy with my ad-hoc made deskmat, I only hoped the print came out a bit more defined.
Review photo of deskmat by Aaron
Aaron - 5/5
Bought a few different deskmats recently, but this one is by far the best. Great quality print and fabric.
Review photo of deskmat by Smartt
Smartt - 5/5
Love it. The design I made is in the mat not just a shitty print on. 10/10
Review photo of deskmat by Kris
Kris - 5/5
Beautiful, sharp print. Great quality. Even better customer service.
Review photo of deskmat by Elizabeth
Elizabeth - 5/5
Love my desk mat! Pattern is clear and vibrant. Quality feel and look.
Review photo of deskmat by Kevin
Kevin - 5/5
The Deskmat is of excellent quality. The print quality is the thing i really wasn't expecting being that good. The stitching on the border could be a little better but nothing to worry about. Also the smell after unpacking was really bad for the first few days. Otherwise i really like this mousepad.
Review photo of deskmat by Cassh
Cassh - 5/5
Big and beautiful! Delivered earlier than expected! Fits almost my whole desktop and it's machine washable/dryer on the delicate cycle! Came out good as new! Very pleased with the mat/design and the price. If you're looking for a large mat for your computer desk, this is it! Love it!!
Review photo of deskmat by wadoka
wadoka - 4/5
Looks nicer than expected and feels very fast when I move my mouse on it :D
Review photo of deskmat by Snaxo
Snaxo - 4/5
Looks great and fast delivery Delivery only took about 9 days from China to Germany which is pretty good. The pad looks really good and I love it, but is shorter than expected. The 15.7in(40 cm) height is correct but the length is missing 0.6in(1.5 cm). The mousepad is nice and smooth when you swipe the heel of your hand from left to right, but a little rough from top to bottom. Is probably a matter of getting used to. Otherwise, very happy with its own design, even if it is complex.
Review photo of deskmat by Chandler
Chandler - 5/5
Deskmat was great and what I expected! I got the Futhark from the Valhalla collection and was very pleased!! My only (very) minor gripe was the lettering outside the main circle was a bit more faded than what I expected but it does not detract my enjoyment of this deskmat.
Review photo of deskmat by Wendy
Wendy - 5/5
Great quality. It looks just like the one on the website. Seller was very responsive on Facebook and understanding. Received faster than expected.
Review photo of deskmat by Michael
Michael - 5/5
When it comes to, the product is fantastic. That's easy to expect, the designs are super clean, the mat itself becomes a feature of your desk, you will absolutely not be disappointed with this purchase. Something that ISN'T as apparent when you buying from is that you are about to work with a company that provides one of the BEST customer service experiences I have ever had. Despite my negligence being the source of an issue with my order, they didn't blink twice in ensuring that my order be corrected so I could receive everything I was looking forward too as quickly as possible. I will absolutely be ordering another mat from them in the future.
Review photo of deskmat by Shayne
Shayne - 5/5
Best mat I've had. Quality of the mouse mat and the design are 10/10
Review photo of deskmat by Zsombor
Zsombor - 5/5
Amazing quality and nice design. Highly recommended.
Review photo of deskmat by Makke
Makke - 5/5
High quality, crisp vibrant colors, nothing to complain about.
Review photo of deskmat by Nick
Nick - 5/5
Love how big the mat is, the build quality is great and it arrived faster than I expected. Oliver even worked with me on tweaking the design to and earlier version. Gonna end up getting a second one for my work set up as well.
Review photo of deskmat by Petri
Petri - 5/5
I've had the deskmat for a while now (3 months), and I have to say I'm surprised on how good the product is. It feels and looks good. The custom details really make my setup shine.
Review photo of deskmat by Adrian
Adrian - 5/5
A very well made mat with awesome design. Non-slip bottom means its staying right where you put it. May need to purchase another for the other desk now.
Review photo of deskmat by Mike
Mike - 5/5
I have had my Deskmat for a month now and I love it. The print is lovely and clear. It's super comfy.
Review photo of deskmat by KMK
KMK - 5/5
Just received my deskmat and I am impressed by the quality of this thing. the print of the art is high quality and the feel of the mat is super comfortable.
Review photo of deskmat by Patrick
Patrick - 5/5
It’s so nice to have such a big deskmat now and with such a nice print on it. The quality seems good, just had a pretty strong synthetic smell, when I received it :p. Very happy with it
Review photo of deskmat by CyberTurtle
CyberTurtle - 5/5
Great mouse pad, lovely seller, good communication! Overall very happy with the product and experience here ! :)
Review photo of deskmat by Bibobien
Bibobien - 5/5
Amazing print quality! Feels great to game on. Prob gonna buy another one ^^
Review photo of deskmat by Elms
Elms - 5/5
High quality print! Would order again.
Review photo of deskmat by J.D
J.D - 5/5
Feels real good, the quality of the stitch is great and the design is top-notch. Overall an amazing job, really happy I got this.
Review photo of deskmat by Luke
Luke - 5/5
The whole shopping experience was great, the deskmats arrived on a serendipitous day and have become coveted gifts for my wife and I. Superior quality and durable construction, my mouse soars through the interwebs now, thanks guys!
Review photo of deskmat by JV
JV - 5/5
Beautiful design and well made - my wife loves it!
Review photo of deskmat by Joe
Joe - 5/5
Fantastic quality and build so far. The material is very comfy and the amount of spring back is perfect. Would recommend to a friend.
Review photo of deskmat by audttrsi
audttrsi - 5/5
I was orderning deksmat after I saw the post on instagram for giveaway. Since they have awsome design. I waited some time that order was delivered but it was worth it. Quality of mat and design is amazing. I will defently buy new one if buying extra one.
Review photo of deskmat by Josh
Josh - 5/5
Awesome deskmat! I love it! Looks and feels great and laid perfectly flat right out of the box!
Review photo of deskmat by Benn
Benn - 5/5
The quality is second to none. Super grippy on-top and underneath, thicc material, this is what deskmat dreams are made of. 10/10 would buy again.
Review photo of deskmat by Jeroen
Jeroen - 5/5
It looks good with no visible errors, feels smooth and soft just wish the underside was white or same color as the front but else amazing 9/10
Review photo of deskmat by Tadhg
Tadhg - 4/5
Its honestly my favourite mat yet. Feels very nice and looks lovely, except if a little bleak and less saturated then on the picture. Its great.
Review photo of deskmat by Martin
Martin - 5/5
I really like how the mouse glides on it and how firmly it sits on the table with no slips at all. Would recommend, 10/10
Review photo of deskmat by Mike
Mike - 5/5
Perfect size for my desk and workspace area. Much better than the cheap mouse pad I had been using in the past. Would definitely buy it again.
Review photo of deskmat by Alp
Alp - 5/5
I ordered it from Turkey and it was beautiful. Love the texture with smooth printing. Arrived a bit late because of customs and the high number of orders but still I would highly suggest it :)
Review photo of deskmat by Killabee
Killabee - 5/5
Good quality, firm grip and a really nice feel, miles better than the generic mouse pads i've had. Fits perfectly on my desk!
Review photo of deskmat by Subparconscript
Subparconscript - 5/5
Really like it and it looks great too! The runes around the snowflake are lighter than I expected but it doesn't take away from the overall look.
Review photo of deskmat by MagnussonTCC
MagnussonTCC - 5/5
It's a good mat. -Ron Swanson
Review photo of deskmat by Scott
Scott - 5/5
This mousepad is amazing! Its of the same quality as my previous large premium mousepads but way bigger and exactly the size I was looking for but unable to find previously. The edges are almost flat which is much more comfortable then the raised edges on my previous pads. Its soft, clean, great grip to my desk. I am already planning on buying a 2nd one.
Review photo of deskmat by Jake
Jake - 5/5
Great deskmat. Very happy with purchase.
Review photo of deskmat by Jess
Jess - 5/5
Purchased as a gift, lovely quality and excellent communication from seller!
Review photo of deskmat by Masabakes
Masabakes - 5/5
Awesome deskmat. The finishes are well done, the print is clear and the borders dont hurt. AWESOME
Review photo of deskmat by Derek
Derek - 5/5
Great product! High quality and the image us a great resolution. Would definitely recommend!
Review photo of deskmat by Hoang
Hoang - 5/5
The deskmate is amazing, clean, and beautiful. However, shipping time quite long
Review photo of deskmat by jason
jason - 5/5
I like my first desk mat so much that I ordered a second desk mat within receiving my first purchase. It's a great size with a custom design at a fair price.
Review photo of deskmat by Erin
Erin - 5/5
Well made and printed perfect! It is thin enough to not be annoying to the wrists, but solid strength to be used daily. Great piece and awesome design!
Review photo of deskmat by Rob
Rob - 5/5
Fantastic mat overall, with a design that pops and brings style to any desk setup. This mat is comfortable and easy to glide a mouse along, while staying firmly in place on the desk. The quality is a great deal for the price, and the mat is a must have for any workstation.
Review photo of deskmat by Kenny
Kenny - 5/5
High quality! Best desk mat I have purchased. 10/10 would buy again!
Review photo of deskmat by tcflyerfan
tcflyerfan - 5/5
Very well finished with great, tight stitching around the edges. Love the design and the overall feel of the mat.
Review photo of deskmat by JhonDoe
JhonDoe - 5/5
The desktmat is awesome! The quality is amazing, good print, good stitching. Most importantly the customer care is off the charts, from the beginning to the end, super responsive and helpful, thank you so much to the team at !! Can't stress this enough, the customer care is really good. I'll be recommending you guys as much as possible!
Review photo of deskmat by Cole
Cole - 5/5
Excellent quality, fantastic design
Review photo of deskmat by Alexy G
Alexy G - 5/5
Excellent quality, perfect size. I had mats ordered before from other services (PCMR), and the quality is the same if not better. Love the designs on the mat (I got one of the Viking ones), and it's like part of the mat, not those 90s tshirts where it starts ripping off. Either case, I'm rambling now, but highly highly recommend this product. For those with animals, make sure to air it out / dust it often as cat hair does get stuck (as it does with literally everything).
Review photo of deskmat by RB
RB - 5/5
It's BIG
Review photo of deskmat by LG
LG - 5/5
Purchasing my deskmat was really straightforward with no fuss. When I had a question regarding my order, Oliver responded promptly, and he was really friendly. It was shipped within a few days after the order, and arrived quicker than initially thought 😊 My desk is 140x90 and the 90x40 cm has the perfect size. The print is high quality and the seam prevents the edges from becoming frayed 🥰 I will definitely recommend deskmat to my friends
Review photo of deskmat by Jason Blankenship
Jason Blankenship - 5/5
I really like the mat so far. I ordered a version of the valhalla-futhark mat. I really like the design. The mat is a good size. I am happy with my purchase and I am happy to support this company.
Review photo of deskmat by E.
E. - 5/5
It's lightweight, the texture feels amazing, and the colors are so vibrant. It just looks incredible.
Review photo of deskmat by Tobias
Tobias - 5/5
Exactly what I was looking for. Beautiful design and smooth texture that is easy for the mouse to glide across. Packaged safely as well!
Review photo of deskmat by Reto
Reto - 5/5
Pretty decent, I like it. Build quality is good as far as one can tell for this time.
Review photo of deskmat by Thewarguy
Thewarguy - 5/5
This this is awesome! It looks and feel amazing. Very smooth, feels premium, would buy again!
Review photo of deskmat by Dahl
Dahl - 5/5
The deskmat is delightfully minimalist, and clearly shows high-quality production. The latter is a highlight - other products are often cheaply made, which can, unsurprisingly, be very irritating. So, thumbs up.
Review photo of deskmat by PonyCanyon
PonyCanyon - 5/5
Loved the number of available, great looking designs and customizable sizes. The material and print are both high quality and the large size makes for a great workspace.
Review photo of deskmat by Andy
Andy - 5/5
I'm very happy with the mousemat, nice design and good looking, glides well, well done soft stitching around the edges.
Review photo of deskmat by Egono
Egono - 5/5
The deskmat is perfect. Its huge but perfect for myself. Fast delivery and the printing is very good.
Review photo of deskmat by J
J - 5/5
It looks amazing, and feels great to work on!
Review photo of deskmat by Luke
Luke - 5/5
Some of the best customer experience i've encountered and an excellent deskmat
Review photo of deskmat by Ronny
Ronny - 3/5
I like the deskmat, but it wasn't worth $50 and then having to wait 47 days to ship from China.. I would've rather ordered somewhere else.
Review photo of deskmat by MM
MM - 5/5
This mat is awesome!!!
Review photo of deskmat by Azlannagh
Azlannagh - 5/5
fell in love with the design online, even changed my case to a white one to match it a bit better. Well, that was one of the reasons for the case anyway... =) I had my first spill recently as well and the mat cleans of as easily as promised. Finish and materials look and feel top notch. I recently ordered a second one for a gift.
Review photo of deskmat by Arttos
Arttos - 5/5
Honestly, I wasn't expecting much for the price and because the site is quite new, but the quality was outstanding. The color were almost the same as the picture, the rubber under is grippy and soft, the sewing quality is very good too. All around a good deskmat, especially for the price.
Review photo of deskmat by PennySTI
PennySTI - 5/5
The quality is really there. I just love the print and the size. Great mat for the price. 49$ CAD taxes and shipping included is really decent
Review photo of deskmat by EseLoKo
EseLoKo - 5/5
Great! I made a custom design for my wife and she love it. The quality is awesome and the mats are huge!
Review photo of deskmat by Robin
Robin - 5/5
Looks awesome feels great! I can fully recommend.
Review photo of deskmat by Krystal
Krystal - 5/5
Really great quality, came quickly. Image looks awesome. Perfect new feature for my desk :)
Review photo of deskmat by RICHY C
RICHY C - 5/5
Beautiful, looks great on my desk. Compliments my black and white setup so much!
Review photo of deskmat by CD
CD - 5/5
Great desmat and the tracking was updated regularly through the entire process. Now that I have it the mat looks great and being machine washable is a huge upside.
Review photo of deskmat by Mathieu
Mathieu - 5/5
Beautiful! Great material, great colors and comfortable too. Loving it!
Review photo of deskmat by Nicole
Nicole - 5/5
Great print and stitching quality! Will definitely order again.
Review photo of deskmat by Jaiden
Jaiden - 5/5
Really well made and great design, overall just really happy with it, and great help from the people working here too
Review photo of deskmat by Roman
Roman - 5/5
Looks great, feels great and for the mouse - works great. What more can you want from a deskmat? :D
Review photo of deskmat by Ahmet Yasir
Ahmet Yasir - 5/5
I really loved the quality of the product, the delivery was fast, thanks a lot!
Review photo of deskmat by Anton
Anton - 5/5
Decided to get a Custom Mat here because my RandomfrankP x Novelkey Mousepad got lost in customs hell. Honestly was really sceptical at first but first impression of the Product on my Desk is really good. Surface feels smooth, barely any perceivable smell, and the custom design is nice and clear, the stitching seems fine but I will see how it holds out over time. As a sidenote, I do really wish that even larger sizes where available.
Review photo of deskmat by Landon
Landon - 5/5
Looks and feels great! The desk mat is a perfect replacement for my much smaller previous mat. Really impressed with how nicely the edge stitching is done. Shipping took quite a while but that was to the fault of USPS. Everytime I contacted customer service for an update on shipping information the responses were helpful and very timely. 10/10 will recommend to a friend.
Review photo of deskmat by Ollie
Ollie - 5/5
I love this deskmat. The design is great and the quality of the desk mat and the stitching is impeccable. 10/10 would recommend
Review photo of deskmat by Juniper
Juniper - 5/5
It’s much bigger than I thought it would be, and the colours are vivid and strong! It’s perfect!
Review photo of deskmat by Zephyr
Zephyr - 5/5
Colors are beautiful and vibrant, pairs we with any setup.
Review photo of deskmat by Hassan
Hassan - 4/5
Great quality print, slow shipping time from China. Love the quality though.
Review photo of deskmat by Bax
Bax - 4/5
The deskmat quality itself is amazing , not much difference between from standard deskmats like Logitech and steelsieries ones , the quality of the print is amazing, although outer lines are darker and harder too see , the main circle is great and very vivid , my overall enjoyment of this deskmat is a 9/10
Review photo of deskmat by Pedro M.
Pedro M. - 5/5
Very high quality and extremely clear print. I love the size and the feel of the deskpad. I couldn't be happier. Just the option of uploading your own picture is amazing, so it's a plus that's actually a good mousepad as well. It could be a little bit thicker tho, however it's fine as it is. The colors are also very good.
Review photo of deskmat by Marcus
Marcus - 5/5
Great product overall! I live in Sweden and receive my order after less than 20 days (as expected). The quality is great with the stitched edges it gives a high-quality look and feel. The print is high quality, and the color seems to be accurate when comparing the render with my actual desk mat. The mouse travels smoothly on the surface and is very similar in feel to my old Steelseries mousepad. I really don't have any complaints. I just ordered another desk mat but with my own print.
Review photo of deskmat by David
David - 5/5
Ordered 20 in three different custom designs for our London office. They look amazing and are great quality. Would highly recommend.
Review photo of deskmat by Kevin
Kevin - 5/5
The deskmat looks amazing. The print is very fine and the colors are rich. I like it very much.
Andrew - 5/5
Miranda - 5/5
Great quality, arrived on time. Very happy with my purchase!
Manolis - 5/5
The quality of both the print and the material are sublime, and I feel they suit my desk perfectly! Would definitely recommend this product to anyone :)
Max - 5/5
Delivered very quickly, deskmat quality was top notch!
Sona - 5/5
My boyfriend really likes the deskmat. The quality is great.
Literally the best
Zeytee - 5/5
kolby - 5/5
I love it, the mat has a good smoothness to it. The edges are very soft and never agitate my arm like other ones do. The print quality is also great
Max - 5/5
The deskmat feels incredible. The colors are really bright and flashy and the quality of the fabric is sturdy and nice to touch. Will definitely consider buying other deskmats for my friends.
PJ - 5/5
Yan - 5/5
The material is very comfortable, the mouse glide well. Would order again!
Sven - 5/5
Sam - 5/5
William - 5/5
Looks awesome!
David - 5/5
Its really good!
David - 5/5
Adam - 5/5
Carlo - 5/5
Great product, exactly as I was expecting! The delivery and customer service were also great 👍
Bastian - 5/5
Andres - 5/5
Steven - 5/5
It's awesome. Comfy to use, it looks cool, and it is high quality. Would buy again
Andre' - 5/5
The quality and design is amazing!
Bojan - 5/5
Ashley - 5/5
Have now ordered two deskmats. Both have been very high quality and a perfect way to customise my desk.
Jakub - 5/5
Best deskmat ever. Great design and quality
Fischer - 5/5
Jason - 5/5
Grant - 5/5
Cameron - 5/5
Michael - 5/5
Rob - 5/5
The desk mat arrived quicker than expected! Crystal clear quality at a very good price.
roderik - 5/5
Good print. Nice quality deskmat
Arballio - 5/5
I've bought 2 deskmat from this website and I can say with confidence that you will receive a high quality product!
Richard - 5/5
It's great!
Jason - 5/5
Great quality and the custom picture looks fantastic. Quick delivery too!
Andrew - 5/5
Love it, great quality! Going to order more
Ramiro - 5/5
I loved the deskmat when I received it, exceeded my expectations, looked way better in person. One small problem, a tread had come apart on my mat. Emailed support with a pic and no questions asked, sent me another one just like that. Customer service here amazing. If you have doubts, just buy one, you won't be disappointed!
Stuart - 5/5
Best mat I have ever owned. Top quality!
OSley - 5/5
Got it around the estimated date. The quality is good. Since i received it i had no problem whatsoever. Would recommend !
Branden - 5/5
David - 5/5
Great quality gift for a coworker. Design colors matched perfectly. Definitely not that poor quality mat you get from an amazon vendor.
Konstantinos - 5/5
Paxton - 5/5
High quality and well printed. Uploaded a custom design and it came out perfectly. If you’re designing your own, be sure to leave some large margins on the edges because text may be cut off.
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